HiSoldier LED street light


Hassle-free LED Street Light

  • 120lm/W
  • 10KV SPD
  • IP66
  • 30W-180W
HiSoldier Streamlined Heat Sink

Streamlined Heat Sink

Powerful curve design helps airflow, and greatly enhances heat dissipation.

HiSoldier IP66 Rating


Reliable waterproof design with high-quality
waterproof gasket makes the protection
rating achieve IP66.

HiSoldier optional functions
  • Daylight Sensor Control

    Light will be ON when ambient illuminance <6lx
    (nighttime or cloudy day).
    Light will be OFF when ambient illuminance>50lx

  • Solar LED Street Light System

    Solar Panel
    Smart Controller
    LED Street Light

  • Time Control

    Available to set up when to turn on or off,
    to meet different demands.

HiSoldier mountings

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