HiSpot background
  • HiSpot

  • LED Flood Light
  • 135lm/W

  • HiSpot LED Flood Light certifications
  • HiSpot LED Flood Light watt
  • HiSpot LED Flood Light
HiSpot LED Flood Light IP66
  • IP66

  • 10KV Surge Protection
  • Corrosion resistant
HiSpot Aerodynamic flow
  • Aerodynamic flow

  • The radiator is so effective that it allows the air to circulate without producing any resistance

HiSpot features
HiSpot vs without respirator

LED flood light without respirator would generate steam inside of the fixture while HiSpot with respirator won’t have.

    Structure Features

  • HiSpot Structure Features
    • The diver interface is designed flat,

    • which make it close against the body

    • and good for heat dissipation.

    • Glass cover, no screws on the surface,

    • lower the cost.

    • Angle-adjustable knobs of the both

    • sides are designed for easy turn on.

    • Scales on the body help to adjust the angle precisely.

    • Use buckle cover, easy for

    • installation and maintenance.

  • Photometric Diagrams

  • HiSpot Photometric Diagrams
  • Applications

  • Designed for small-and-medium-sized stadium and plaza applications

Product Range

Part Number FL08-40 FL08-60 FL08-80 FL08-100 FL08-120 FL08-150 FL08-180 FL08-200 FL08-240
Lumen Output 4,400lm 8,100lm 8,800lm 11,000lm 13,200lm 16,500lm 19,800lm 22,000lm 26,400lm
Wattage 40W 60W 80W 100W 120W 150W 180W 200W 240W
Luminous Efficacy 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W 135lm/W
CCT 3000K, 4000K, 5000K
CRI >Ra70, >Ra80
Input Voltage 100-240Vac/100-277Vac 50-60Hz PF≥0.92
IP Rating IP66
LED Driver Meanwell, Sosen
HID Equivalent 90W 120W 160W 220W 260W 260-400W 400-600W 650W 700W
Certification Pending CE

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